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Prices are amazing and so is the service!

I called around to get my wheel barrings on my car fixed and got what sounded like computer responses from tons of diffrent places, but when I called here I got someone on the phone who took time and explained how they could help and they even did research to help me get the best price!

100/10 would definitely go back and recommend to others!! Prices are amazing and so is the service!

Monica Frazer


I’m so happy I found an honest dependable automotive shop! I came to Windham after having several bad experiences with mechanics in the area. I was immediately impressed by the professional demeanor of Jeremy. He answered all my questions and assured me they could help. I brought my car down and fell in love with the warm friendly atmosphere. Once the car was inspected I was confident that they could handle my repairs. Well after the repairs were done, Jerry the owner, called me and told me that the original quote was incorrect and that my bill was actually going to be over $100 less! There was no reason for him to tell me that as I would have never known otherwise. On top of all that my car is back purring like a kitten. These are real honest people who do a great job! I will absolutely be back!

Tara Linscomb

I have been taking my vehicles to Windham Automotive for 20 years and I do not have a negative thing to say about them. They are reasonable, very friendly and I will never take any of my vehicles to anyone else. Jerry Windham’s many years of experience and expertise let me know I am leaving my van in good hands.

Bryce A.

If you are looking for a good, honest auto mechanic, just give Jerry a call. I have had to put my car in the shop twice in the past two years, for two different problems, and I could not be more happy with the service at Windham Automotive. The staff is friendly. The prices are fair. The work is fast and top-quality. Highly recommended!

Adam Lincks

They do great work!

I have been taking my cars to Windham Auotmotive for more than 20 years. They are great mechanics and great people. During the time they have been working on my cars, some examples of the things they have fixed are problems with the electrical system, replaced a radiator and rebuilt an engine. I bring my cars to this shop for every oil change and everything else.

Ava Rucker


I have been to Windhams twice, for inspections on both my motorcycle and truck. Jerry was super gracious the first time I came so I made the trip [8 mi) to return even though I have 3 shops within walking distance. He didn’t use any pressure tatics, answers the questions that I have about my vehicles, and best of all the shop has a small town graciousness to it. It is an honest shop (VERY hard to find) and I’ll be letting everyone know that if you need car repair, Windham Automotive is the place to go. Its nice to finally have that one place you would always take your car.

Tessa T.

I’ve been taking my cars into Jerry Windham’s shop for more years than I can remember. I have always gotten great, I repeat GREAT service, reasonable prices and I always get my car back when they say it will be ready. Also Jerry will call you and tell you what’s wrong with your car and how much it will be before they do any work. Who does that anymore? I definitely will keep taking my car, my kid’s car, all my cars to him. Not sure what was bugging Rick H. when he took his car in, maybe he had a bad day.

Christina J.

Excellent knowledge, good group of guys. Go see Jerry you won’t be disappointed.

Chris Cotton

Superb service.

I have been using Windham Automotive for close to twenty years. I would not trust my car with anyone else. Always get excellent service and customer service. I highly recommend this company for all your automotive needs. You won’t be sorry!

Patricia Dozier

Great Warranty on repair!

Windham automotive has given me exceptional repair and warranty for over 20 years. no questions asked on any return for adjustment of parts or tuning. they don’t stick you with things that aren’t needed and the parts quality is backed up by them. they give excellent advice on best way to save money and keep my truck running safely. too bad dealerships don’t have the same integrity.

Rockne Petty

I don’t think I have ever responded to a comment card or a “How Are We Doing?” survey with a perfect score or 5-star rating before; however…

Windham Automotive (Jerry) has taken care of my automobiles (a 2000 Ford Focus and now a 1999 Mercury Sable) since 2006 and I can confidently write that the service I receive there has always been of the highest quality. Jerry not only services my car’s present needs efficiently and at a competitive price, he keeps my little family safe, letting me know about the parts and issues that may need attention in the future. By keeping me informed (and maintaining a record in his database) of services performed and what he finds under the hood of my car, I can actually budget the upcoming costs and not be shocked when those services are needed; he has not ever tried to sell me something my car did not need.

I am a widowed-mom, grandmother and full-time student (like most everyone, my time and budget are both very tight). Jerry is mindful of these things and when needed, he provides me with drop off/pick-up service before & after my car’s repairs; almost always completed same-day. He helps me keep within my budget and he communicates to me my car’s needs. Jerry is a man of integrity and it shows in how he conducts business and interacts with his customers.

Thank you Jerry, for all that you do,

Melinda Fitts

I highly recommend Windham Automotive – thanks Jerry for the good work!

I have traded with Jerry for years. He is patient and thorough and does excellent mechanical and transmission work.

I have taken my car other places and was very disappointed.

JoAn Hall

The last honest automotive shop? Probably.

I would never think of taking my car to anyone else. Wonderful, friendly service, the prices are reasonable and they will bend over backwards to help you. As I said, I would never think of taking my car to anyone else.

Christina J.

My car broke down today and I had it towed to Windham in the afternoon. Jerry knew I would be concerned about transportation to and from work so he was able to get my car repaired the same day by going out of his way and staying late. Not only that, he gave me a ride back to the shop when the repairs were completed. This is the type of repair shop you will want to have around. Just by the first contact with him I feel he is trustworthy.

His Customer Service is excellent and prices very competitive. I will definitely use him again for any car needs I have. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

Sharon M.

Windham Automotive has always delivered excellent service. Their prices are very competitive and my car has been running great since Jerry fixed it. A friend of the family recommended this shop to me and after four years of being their customer I have a sent many referrals their way. This is one of the only honest repair facilities in town! It is no wonder that they have been in business for over twenty five years.